Current conditions on labour market - the sign of prosperity or forthcoming crisis?

30. 05. 2016
5,7% is actual rate of uneployment in Czech Republic in April. Is it a sign of successful, expanding economy or a number heralding disaster? Read more

Player agents - sportmen personalists?

26. 02. 2016
HR consulting vs. top-level sport leaders. So different worlds, but there are still some, probably unvisible, connectins. Read more

Personnel officer services do not end with recommendations to client

05. 01. 2016
Once can be surprised, what everything can happend between final meeting of employer and potential empolyee and the renowned sentence "so, do we have a deal?" Read more

How it actually works with motivation...

27. 10. 2015
Do you hear "I am not motivated" too often? Read more

Widely opened eyed and earded HR consultant

24. 07. 2015
About the fact that attentiveness and intuition are obligatory for HR consultants… Read more

Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype

12. 06. 2015
It looks like an ordinary situation. I picked up the phone, dealt the number of the applicant with really great resumé.....and after that everything was totally different..... Read more

Politeness is more than anything…..

31. 05. 2015
the stregnth of the word "sorry".... Read more

Keep your best employees

18. 05. 2015
High salary does not guarantee loyalty. Read more

Reference – game with the fire

07. 05. 2015
Seeking for reference is not seeking for the truth about the professional life of the applicant, even though it can look like it is. Read more

To find out an ideal employee is work

23. 04. 2015
The question is who and how will find the ideal employee... Read more

Enchantment by voice

20. 04. 2015 other words what else is important during the phonecall interview. Read more

Small secret of competitiveness

07. 04. 2015
If the client says that he cooperates with the competitors, should it be a reason for doubts? Read more

Miracle so called „bespoked tests“

05. 01. 2015
In history of personalistics approcimately 20 years ago, first non psychology tests occured. Read more

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