Executive search

Some of recruitment projects are very specific. Some of the specifications are: needed time to search for suitable candidate or the main reason for filling a vacancy. For any reason, the best thing to do is to use an executive search.  

What exactly is the core of this service? It is one of the most specialized services in recruitment. It is based on searching and identifying the best-fitting candidates. Mainly the sklilled ones who are in short supply on the market. In executive search we focuse especially on them. This type of service could be perfectly provided only by consultants, who build their work on their long-standing and professional experience. Maximum confidentiality is matter of course.
Process executive search has its specific rules in comparison with recruitment. It involves:
  • Accurate and detailed specification of filling position. It includes motivation, assessment status etc.
  • Creating exclusivity for filling a vacancy.
  • Making of personal diagnostics in the predefined project stage.
  • The same rule we use in process of checking references.
  • Time of searching for the candidate depends on the position difficulty, usually it is approximately eight weeks.
  • The candidate is guaranteed for six months.

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