Outdoor training

Are you searching for program which combine sport, adrenalin, entertainment and education? So outdoor is the right solution for you. Days when participants had to climb up the rope, prove their courage, or physical competences are luckily gone.

Outdoor training has irreplaceable role in educational processes. Clearly defined targets and meaningful activities are matter-of-course. It is systematically designed program, in which participants evolve their competences in the field of needed competencies by using nonstandard situations. They can't rely on their common skills. They have to go out of their comfort zone and have an “aha-effect”. These moments of understanding are the main benefits of outdoor training. New knowledge is retained much more thanks to emotions and your own experience.
Our outdoors are based on analysis of consumer needs. They are prepared by professionals for personal development. As a result you will obtain output level of participants and of the whole group as well. Practical recommendations are included.

What could be solved by using outdoor training? These topics for example:
  • Team cooperation
  • Motivation reinforcement
  • Streamlining decision-making competencies
  • Development of presentation and communication prerequisites
  • Reinforcement of managerial competences
  • Development of selling skills
  • Coaching skills etc.

Our outdoor trainings are thematic. For example medieval outdoor, survival outdoor, outdoor fairytale for adults, gangster outdoor, sport outdoor etc.

  Because we create bespoke program, all our outdoor trainings are original.

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