Assessment/Development Centre

Assessment or Development Centre is very popular because of their high information value, amount of gathered information and their use in the future. When is profitable to use them?

The most common situations are:

  • Before the beginning of the educational process, when we are finding out which competences have to be developed.
  • During Talent Management Team formation, while we are finding out personal, social and professional maturity of the team members.
  • Before worker's promotion. We need to know his motivation, leadership style etc.
  • Before new employee is accepted we are focusing on his skills, requirements, values and future potential in term of job position.
  • During formation of a new team to create the best coordinated team.
Outcome of the Assessment or Development Centre is product BP Five Sections ©, which introduces personal and social competencies, values, motivators, professional specialization, talent, aspiration levels and time-management of tested person.

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