We proudly avow our stabile position on the market which we have gained during more than nineteen years experience in the education area. Hundreds of satisfied companies and employees are the proof of our reasonable and quality work. We are innovating, developing more entertaining and interesting way in education and professional development. Thanks to feedback and enthusiasm of our clients  we are becoming part of education process – we serve as upgrading organization.

What is so unique about our education programs?  What is the benefit for the client? Explanation is brought by next six points which are the main pillars of our work:

  • We have special team of lectors and coaches, who are active professionals in the field. Their programs are based on “real life” experience. Attendants compare their solutions with experienced coaches advises.
  • We have our own proved know-how. It is based on modern methodological, psychological and personal attitudes. It guarantees intensity of our programs and natural initiative of our attendants.
  • We rely on our client’s references, their feedback and efficiency of our programs. Long-standing cooperation with our clients is approval of our reliability.
  • We do not train, we educate. Practical approach and concrete solution is becoming part of your intentions and behavior much sooner.
  • We are focusing on whole process of education. You can expect deep analysis and feedback for next work before determination of education.
  • We care about your success. As soon as we can see your success, our work is done.

We are accredited institution AK/I-36/2018. That fact contributes to higher efficiency and quality of our work.

Our clients