Employer Branding

Brand building is a topic that has been mentioned thousands of times. In practice, however, we encounter companies that seem to be untouched by this topic. HR professionals and managers are often surprised by how their brand is perceived and very often don't even know how to properly do research and follow-up for improvement. By asking questions like "why should anyone work for the company" or "what percentage of employees would recommend the company as a nice place to work", they are either genuinely taken aback or have results from their own survey and if we look deeper into the matter, we find that they don't match the reality.

To make your brand really resonate with people, you need to continually work on positive perceptions. Newcomers are motivated and everything runs much more smoothly than with companies where their branding strategy is lost in a fog of doubt. We can help you not only win people over, but also effectively engage and retain them.

How we do it:

  • We conduct research on your company
  • We will evaluate it
  • We will present you with the results
  • We'll set up a mirror*
  • Suggest areas for improvement
  • Prioritise the steps
  • Develop a long-term strategy
* - our clients' favourite moment :-)
Don't expect this from us:

  • Building castles in the air
  • Potemkin villages

  You will get the furthest if you can name your problems. Then they are much easier to work with.

Our clients