Professional Team

Let us introduce our team:

Mgr. Jaroslava Ester Evangelu, Ph.D. – lector, coach, psychologist

Graduated at MU, Faculty of Philosophy, focused on social psychology. Further at MU, Faculty of Philosophy, professional pedagogy, specialised in adults education methodology. Following education at Charles University in Prague, branch: psychology, specialised in managerial communication and multicultural management. In further studies specialised in career consultancy, applied social psychology and coaching methodology. Member of Association of Trainers and Consultants for management. The author of publication "111 games for motivation and teambuilding", "Diagnostic methods in personnel services", “How to succeed in job interviews“, co-author of the publication: “Human resource development within small and middle companies“ and the training manual: “Personal trainer´s and consultant´s competencies“; author of many professional texts. Within her entrepreneurial activities focused on personnel issues, managerial coaching and aspects of communication in multicultural environment.

Zalán Gasparics – lecturer, coach

Graduation at University Eötvös Lóránd, course of pedagogy, psychology, sociology; and expert internship abroad. He published a lot of expert articles in specialised periodical. Since 2001 he had been working as analytics in the field of risk analysis, later he worked as developement and project manager. Furthermore, he worked as team supervisor for educational activities, coach, and lecturer in the field of soft skills, especially in multinational surrounding.He is sill engaged in education and lecturing. He is focused on mentoring, coaching communication and presentation skills, international management and critical situations.

Ing. Viktor Fiala – lecturer, coach

From 1996 to 2002 he worked in the position of headmaster in the business company (import and export), where he participated in economy, business, pernonnel management. The company’s turnover was more than 120 million crowns, he created business and marketing strategies. Currently he is in the position of general manager and board member of Czech production company. In lectoring and coaching he is mainly specialised in creation and realization of business and marketing strategies, coaching of managerial and business skills.

Ing. Jan Šamánek - lecturer, coach

Has a main background in engineering and economics. Moreover, he is oriented towards managerial psychology. He is a certified coach and in terms of coaching he is focusing on assistance in career building, team supporting and unleashing team potential, strategic management, effectiveness, management skills etc.

Bc. Jiří Rezek – lecturer, coach

Educated at technical field, later added specialization in managerial skills and motivation, leadership and company culture. Long time experience in top-management field with view to development, production and business. Experiences gained in foreign countries as a process ingeneer and manager. These days works as a plant manager in multinational company. Completed systematical expert training to strenghten his managerial and presentation skills.
His domain is Lean management education, preparation and implementation new product in automotive field and changes in company production.

Ing. Michal Růžička, MBA - lecturer, coach

Graduated from Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University, System Engineering and Informatics. In addition, he graduated from University of St. Francis, Illinois, USA / VUT FP, executive MBA. Since 2006 he has been working in international companies. Along this, he is a mentor at AT&T and a coordinator of intercompany mentoring program T2G. He is a certified coach, who is focussing on assistance in carrier growth, creative and alternative thinking, managerial decision making, assertiveness and direct communication skills improving, team leadership.

Mgr. Patricia Camia – trainer

Graduated at University in Strasbourg, focused on economy and law, financial analyse and foreign languages. Since 1996 has been working in prominent international companies in the positions of marketing manager and key account manager. Specialised in management training in the field of efficient telemarketing skills, negotiation and corporate communication aspects within multicultural environment.

Ing. Jana Štěpánková – lecturer, coach

Educated at VŠB Ostrava course of economy. After graduation she worked in GB. Since 2003 she has been employed in managerial possitions mainly in the field of human resources.(recruitment, executive search, assesment centre) in international companies (for regions of east Europe- Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Balkan). Currently she works as HR Manager East Europe and external lecturer of our company. In lecturing she is specialised in psychology for managers, coaching, educartion in the personnel and developemend field.

Ing. Blanka Končická, MBA – lecturer, coach

Graduated at University of Economy in Prague and B.I.B.S. in Brno. Since 1999 has been operating on several managerial positions (finance, engineering, IT, Human Resource). In the past she also taught technical subjects at secondary school. At present She works as a director in state administration. As a trainer and lecturer focuses on modules for managers – training in time-management, work organization, motivation and leadership. She also gets involved in outdoor activities and individual coaching.

Dagmar Hamalová – lecturer

Educated at MU FF, education of adults. She has been working in this field since 1996.
She is author of numerous expert articles and project researches in the field of developement of human resources and education. She is specialised in coordination in cooperation with external partners in the field of endangered groups of poeple on labour market.Her abilities she uses for advisory and preparation of grant projects.

Mgr. Jitka Žváčková - lecturer

Educated at MU FF, course of English language and literature and course of Spanish language and literature. After graduation educational stay at University in Granada and in Salamanca focused on Spanish facts, culture and films. Since 1995 she has been working as lecturer of Spanish at language school with the right of state language exam, where she also creates educational materials. (publication of Civilización y cultura españolas).
She has been translating and interpreting for really long time particularly for trade fair Brno, film festivals or Ignis Brunensis). Since 2006 she has been cooperating with Language educational centre MU, where she leads intensive course of preparation for international exams in Spanish DELE. In lectoring at CJV MU She is specialised in courses of creativity and intercultural communication. Furtheremore, she is specialised in presentation skills, lectoring, negotiotion skills of middle management, personal developement, improvement of self confidence, evaluation of employees, identifying with company’s culture etc.

Ing. Libor Cabicar – external advisor

Graduated at VUT FS, courses of economy and management of machinary production. Member of the board of auditors. Currently he is a partner of A&CE Group, s.r.o. Specialist in the field of auditing and economy advisory. In this field he cooperates with Brněnská personalistika, spol. s r. o. on economy- personal projects.

Adam Novák – IT technician

Responsible for PC administration, software applications and data processing. Provides technical support for training and personnel programmes.

Asoc. Prof., Ing., Karel Riegel, Ph.D. – coach

Director of psychology institute at Carl’s University in Prague. He was one of the best specialist in the education of managers by coaching and practise. Not only did he have a lot experience in the field of leading developement managerial programmes in practise in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries. For instance he was involved in coaching of top management in Škoda Plzeň. He is author of numerous expert articles, publications and specialised text books in different levels. We really appreciate his previous selfless help and cooperation.

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