Brněnská personalistika is well known company because of our impact on professionalism, perfect customer service and usage of modern diagnostic techniques. We are proud of our excellent reputation. Owing to our job hundreds of our customers got great employees from various fields (managers, specialists, businessman and also “classic” positions).

How do we reach this target?

  • Our work is based on our experience. This year we have celebrated our eighteenth anniversary on the market.
  • We do not search for candidates only. We help you with your business. We see current necessary. But we are also able to look forward.
  • We test candidates by using modern personnel and psychological methods. So chosen applicants are the ones we can stand for.
  • We hold the personal approach. At the meeting our recruiter , who will take care of the whole project and your company, will arrive.
  • We take advantage of our rich experience in Czech and multicultural companies. Because of this fact we can provide you with consultations during the recruitment.
  • We provide you with full service in field of new employees, talent management and related services.  
  • We develop and maintain our applicant database constantly.
  • We use innovative methods of recruitment including social networks.
  • We contribute to development in HR. We publish, create new products and develop our know-how. In cooperation with Brněnská personalistika you will use our work outputs.
  • We cooperate with Universities - we give lectures at Universities of training and consulting. You can meet auspicious recruiters in our office.

Our clients