Creativity Way KASMY®

The power of the company is not based on the number of employees. The power is in their competences. There is no doubt that the key competences are: creativity, alternative and individual thinking. Companies with flexible workers have more chances to succeed. Their employees react quickly, they find alternative ways, think differently and they can surprise with simple and effective solutions. This is important for success in high competing environment.

Our program Creativity Way KASMY ® is based on developing all these competences.
Program is created with help of our long-standing experience in the field of managerial coaching, education and usage of psychological knowledge. It contains 10 systematically linked meetings, which break down your learned stereotypes. It creates new habits in the field of thinking and decision-making.

 At the beginning of our program all participants pass the creativity test – only 3% of them accomplish this test. After our course everybody is able to complete this task.

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