Government and Nonprofit Sector

Our services for the public sector include not only training employees in management positions, staff dealing with personnel issues, but also other employees of the state and public administration. Training and advisory services company HR Brno, spol. s r. o. for the nonprofit sector is focused not only on the NGO workers, but also their clients.


For example, we cooperate on the project with Palacky University in Olomouc. The project aims to help graduates to gain experience and review of the labor market
as soon as possible after their graduation. We participated in the publication for students, program creation and its presentation. Similar projects for maternity centres were implemented. We also have experience in cooperation with the city authorities and the doctor's training.

Our tutoring, coaching and counselling competencies are developed not only in business but also in non-public and non-profit sector. We can practically apply the themes of the courses to a specific environment that this sector brings.

  Worker of the public and non-profit sector deals with wide range of people - therefore he should know the specifics of entrepreneurial and non-profit environment.

Our clients