Mystery Services

Sometimes is needed to compare your services with other competitors. In this case BP5 Mystery Services © come. It provides you reliable and independent feedback. We also identify weaknesses and we advice you how to do things better.

BP5 Mystery Services © includes:

  • Mystery Visiting, i.e. purposeful and discreet visit to your company, establishment, or workshop. We aim to pre-defined areas of your business.
  • Mystery Calling - in other words checking out the quality of offered services.
  • Mystery E-mailing, which guarantee the efficiency of e-mail communication and presentation of your company.
  • Mystery Shopping tests workers attitudes to customer in particular parts of selling chain.
  • Mystery Complaint is focused on the quality of consumer services and measures rate of consumer satisfaction.
Measuring the consumer satisfaction is a sphere, which has its own specifics and difficulties. Focusing just on observation or filling out questionnaires is a huge mistake. This method is based on using statistics and sociologic methods and psychological knowledge.

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